Chateau de Bossey, Geneva March 15 to March 17, 2019


Voytek Chelkowski, Chair

Voytek Chelkowski is an entrepreneur, mediator, speaker, consultant and event organizer with education and career in international business, conflict management, and consulting and coaching for change.  His interests include psychoanalytic frameworks of social, economic and political phenomena, and psychology of change. Voytek is a co-founder of The Mind Alliance, a network of consultants committed to helping organizations and individuals navigate change and optimize their potential through an interdisciplinary, psychodynamic, systemic and holistic approach. Voytek’s psychodynamic training incudes INSEAD’s programme in Consulting and Coaching for Change and Analytic Network Coaching. 

Mark Argent

Mark Argent is an organisational consultant, retreat-giver. His retreat work includes eight years full-time work in a retreat centre, and his retreat-giving work draws heavily on experiences as an artist and composer. In the psychoanalytic sphere, study includes Lacanian approaches, with CFAR in London, and a non-aligned training with the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis. His papers at ISPSO and OPUS conferences cluster round the interfaces between psychoanalysis and religion, and between psychoanalysis and politics, and his most recent publication is on Bion’s idea of O from the perspective of spiritual direction.

Sébastien Baert

Sébastien Baert started his career as an in-house corporate tax lawyer for a big pharma group and, then, worked for 10 years as an investment banker and a venture capitalist in France and Singapore. He completed his Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change (EMCCC) at INSEAD, and currently works in organizational consulting in France (Paris) and in Taiwan (Taipei). 

Thea Mikkelsen

Thea Mikkelsen, MA in Cultural Studies & MSc in Psychology, is a self-employed business psychologist specialized in personal and strategic leadership in the creative businesses in Scandinavia. Thea Mikkelsen has written three books in Danish on professional creativity, of which one will be published in English in 2020. She has been an external lecturer at MPO, the psychodynamic Master program at the University of Roskilde, Denmark, and she is a candidate in the Danish Psychoanalytical Association. Thea is currently based in Milan, Italy, with her family. 

Arianna Rondos

Arianna Rondos is a practicing psychotherapist, trainer, and consultant, specializing in refugee trauma and burnout and vicarious trauma related to frontline work in the humanitarian field. With a professional background in International Development and Human Rights Law, she worked for more than 12 years in the Middle East, Balkans and Europe for international organizations and local NGO’s. During this time she also trained as a psychotherapist in the UK whilst focusing her clinical work on refugees, GBV, trauma and psychosocial support. Since the beginning of the Migrant Crisis in 2015, she has worked with a local Austrian NGO ‘You-Are-Welcome’, in coordination with a lead psychiatrist at AKH hospital in Vienna, providing trauma therapy to asylum seekers and refugees (Iranian, Iraqi, Afghan and Syrian). Arianna is also a member of The Mind Alliance.

Iwona Soltysinska

Iwona Soltysinska is an organisational psychologist, Director of Development in Jagiellonian University Extension (www.wszechnica.uj.pl). She works as independent OD Consultant (Tavistock Approach) and Executive Coach (PCC of ICF), leads Train the Trainers Programs, and designs developmental projects for individuals and organizations. She has a particular interest in group dynamics, especially boards dynamics, and organizational culture changes. Consultant of international Group Relations Conferences, National Representative of Organisation for Promoting Understanding of Society and member of International Society for Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations. Iwona is a member of The Mind Alliance.